GDCAZ Breeders List

The GDC of Arizona provides this list as a courtesy to those who are relatively new to the Great Dane breed. We do not rate or endorse breeders, their kennels or their Great Danes. We do not intend this page as a tool to help any breeder sell puppies. We intend it to help educate puppy buyers and direct the general public to Great Dane breeders who are known to us.

By providing this list, our club, its officers, directors and members assume no responsibility for purchase decisions nor for the health, quality or temperament of any dog. We do not provide any warranty or guarantee of any kind. All warranties, guarantees and promises are between the buying and selling parties.

The GDC of Arizona reserves the right to refuse or withdraw any listing without notice of any breeder not in good standing with our club, or in response to any violation of the codes of ethics of our parent club, the Great Dane Club of America.

The breeders in our directory occasionally have litters. Often, they have waiting lists for puppies. When you communicate with these breeders, keep in mind they may be an excellent resource for advice to you as well as for additional referrals when they do not have a puppy in the near future that they can offer to you. Many of these breeders have connections to other reputable breeders from all over the country. Some breeders maintain wait lists for future puppies. Some breeders are willing to home their puppies out of state, so you need not restrict your search to local breeders. In fact, a local breeder may help connect you to the perfect puppy for you, from another state.

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We also provide some tips for people looking to add a new Great Dane puppy to their home. You may wish to review our Puppy Buying Advice below before proceeding with any puppy purchase.

Puppy Buying Advice

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