Training for Performance

Did you know your dog can earn ribbons, trophies and other titles besides those for conformation Champion? The American Kennel Club has events that are based on how your dog performs activities and how it responds to situations. These events are fun for the dog...and for you!

Doing well at performance events can earn your dog honors, such as the Canine Good Citizen title, the Companion Dog title, Rally Novice, and quite a few other titles as well. Some of these titles can help make your dog more welcome in certain housing communities. For some households, performance titles can sometimes even help lower the cost of liability insurance.

The Great Dane Club of Arizona has members with training qualifications based on successfully earning multiple performance titles, including high placements in all-breed competitions along the way.

Yes, Great Danes do well at obedience! Give your Great Dane a chance at this, and see for yourself.

Looking for a resource to learn how to train your dog? You can arrange for private, in-home training as well as for group exercises, at reasonable rates. One-on-one training can help set a good foundation for group work. Group practice helps to socialize our dogs. You may be surprised at how group exercises build confidence in your dog...and in you!

Begin learning the skills required to earn performance titles today. Check out these benefits:

  • Enriches your dog's life!
  • Gives you and your dog a fun activity!
  • Teaches you skills that bring pride!
  • Reflects well on you and your dog, whether or not you complete a performance title!
  • Increases your satisfaction when you look back on your dog's life later!

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